What’s Out There

Below is a list of completed work that has recently been sent out into the big bad world for scrutiny by the wonderful powers-that-be:

Bertie – this rhyming story is about friendship and that it doesn’t matter what you look like, what you wear or how tall/small you are – friends are what matters and you know the good ones when they come along and find you, making you feel safe and creating mud pies with you in the garden. This is currently with a well known agency for consideration.

What am I? – I wrote this short rhyming story as my entry for the New Writer’s Award 2012.  I was not selected but I was so pleased with my effort and will continue to dabble into the literary world of wee people and the stories they love to hear at bedtime. This is currently with some agencies for their perusal.

Joe’s Great Escape – see what you find while delving into your word doc list ! I wrote this back in 2009 and after a wee freshen up, its great fun to read. Sam has lost his teddy called Joe and it’s bath time! A first for me to include on my blog as it’s not a rhyming poem. This is probably one of my favourite picture book stories – this particular scenario happened all the time when N & C were very little. Still makes me smile. This is currently with some agencies for their perusal.

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