Learning To Fall

My wee rugrat had a bump on the head.

Well, I don’t mean a ‘there, there, you will be fine – now get outside and play’ kind of bump, I mean a ‘Holy Coo must not cry but get ambulance as quick as I can’ kind of bump. Needless to say we are all fine now. Few more grey hairs but fine none the less. Sigh.

Sitting in the  waiting room with said rugrat made me realise what a fantastic place the Sick Kids in Edinburgh is. Dr Murray was the best bit – very solemn but so funny and just what I needed as I watched the biggest needle I have ever seen in my life go into the hole in rugrats head. Said rugrat was amazingly brave through it all and was cuddled that little bit tighter and longer that bedtime along with his brother.

Anyhoo, I decided that I needed to thank them for all their help and for taking good care of us both, in what was quite an eventful day in the life of The Broadley’s.

So, lo and behold, The Sick Kids Friends Foundation is working in conjunction with Borders Writers Forum and have invited the general public, whether published or not, to submit a poem or short story for their competition.

I must admit that I had a wee smile when I heard that the submission was to be based on ‘Illness and The Child’. So, rugrats that fall and end up in ambulances really gave me an idea there.

I nervously submitted my poem ‘Learning To Fall’ along with my donation to such a worthy cause. Here’s hoping we won’t be seeing The Sick kids again any time soon, in a good way that is.

Winners will be announced in June along with amount raised. If you would like to donate to the sick kids, here is the link:


Talking to wee people…

What a great way to spend a Thursday morning.

I was invited into the unknown and secret world (wee C’s words not mine) of a primary 1 class. My mission, that I daringly chose to accept, was to read to his class as part of book week. So, I arrived, 3 coffees for the better I might add, clutching my second last copy of ‘No Chocolate For Sam’. And wow, there they all were. Forty non-blinking eyes to match the twenty cheesy grins and the scene was set.

I had rehearsed a wee speech in my head but I think being un-prepared when it comes to wee people is the way forward.  I completely forgot how small the seats were, took me back so it did. Wee C’s grin was amazing to see and I felt really proud to be there and read my work rather than someone else’s. They all seemed to like it. Well in  so far as none of them fell asleep or picked their nose. I even had a mini Q & A session and I thought I did pretty well not to laugh – kids are just amazing wee things and their sheer innocence and niavity astounded me.

So to clarify P1K, no – I don’t have an office but I would like one, I am more like Master Potter stuck under the stairs away from all the muggles, yes – I was your teacher at tumble tots,  yes – that’s great that you have cats too and no – I can’t read my very bad hand writing in my notebook very well either.  A well known author had been there the day before and seemingly I am  as cool as her as she had a notebook too!

You know the saying, never work with children or animals but it was brilliant fun and I wanted to stay.

Howdy Doody

Well, here I am! I have finally decided to get serious about getting my work published. From now on slush piles are a thing of the past!

I write poems (well rhyming stories really) and  I would like to think that all those amazing authors out there started out the same way and with lots of hard work and some luck, I can and will be as successful as all of  them.

I am unique and slightly doolally but I am hard working, crazy, fiercely loyal, conscientious and one of a kind – surely all the attributes you need to be a writer, no?

So, let me know what you think. Here I go, wish me luck!