International Book Giving Day – 14th February 2018

For those new to this wonderful day in the literary world, please add 14th February to your calendar. It’s not just for giving your sweetheart a home-made card on the universal day of love but for another special reason…

FEBRUARY 14TH 2018 – International Book Giving Day

Emma Perry, creator of the wonderful book review website My Book Corner, is the brains behind this amazing book giving day shout out. This year, the 6th year running, she has teamed up with illustrator Elys Dolan to create the much admired poster to promote this amazing event.

Elys is an author and illustrator based in Cambridge where she studied children’s book illustration. She works predominantly with ink, newfangled digital witchcraft and coloured pencils of which she is the proud owner of 178 but can never seem to find a sharpener. When not doing pictures and making things up Elys enjoys growing cacti, working on her PhD about funny picture books and eating excessive amounts of fondant fancies.

International Book Giving Day is a 100% volunteer initiative aimed at increasing children’s access to, and enthusiasm for, books. It continues to grow from strength to strength reaching places such as Nepal, India, Canada, South Africa, UK, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Nigeria, Fiji, Czech Republic, USA, Cambodia, Hungary, Philippines and Romania.

On the 14th February, #bookgivingday, participants are encouraged to give books to children, this can take many forms, the only limit is the imagination.

What can you do? How about…

1) gift a book to a friend or family member,
2) leave a book in a waiting room for children to read
3) donate a gently used book to a local library, hospital or shelter or to an organisation that distributes used books to children in need internationally.

Maybe you can help promote reading within your local school and community and help introduce children to the amazing worlds hidden within the pages of a good book.


My Reekie Lum and Other New Year lists

Before my lum reeks wi’ the fuel o’ ithers coal… for those unacquainted with this term, it’s a saying for when the bells chime in a new year at midnight. It means ‘may your fire always burn to keep you and yours warm and release lots of smoke from your chimney with the gifts of coal from your neighbours as you bring in another new year’, or something along those lines… I was thinking about new year resolutions and whether or not they are useful for me to create or if I’m just kidding myself.

Every year I say I will do this or that or even stop doing that or this in order for my life to be mellow and peaceful as I progress through a new year. It’s safe to say that I have never ever completed such a list, in fact I always add to it instead. And the year never works out the way I expect it to anyway, where’s the fun in that?

So I thought, this year I’d be realistic with my goals:

  1. When taking a break from writing, I will not eat the chocolate treat I have taken from the goodie box before the kettle has finished boiling. It is to have with my cup of tea, not before I’ve even taken one sip. If I do fall under its chocolate spell, I will not have two. One is enough (said no-one ever).

2. I will use a notebook for any ideas I have for my WIP instead of the back of receipts, post-its that always get lost, homework sheets or letters home that need to be returned with a parents signature. And definitely NOT with the words ‘if the house is on fire how will the kids get out? Sledge? Jump? etc’ on it. Writing PLOT or STORY IDEA beside such babble will not help in the slightest. Must try harder.

3. I will log out of all social media before starting to write. I only have XX minutes before XX happens/XX comes home, so I’ll just need to get on with it. Pandas, cats and other cuteness can wait. I mean it. Go. Now.

4. I will read as much as I write. I will try to stay awake after one page turn. I will not walk and read at the same time unless I am in a soft spongy land where it doesn’t matter if I bang into things/people/animals.

5. I will aim to achieve what all husband-shaped giants announce when they leave for work. I will try to ‘Be Awesome’ every day.

6. Most of all I will be the best me I can be. Everyone else is already taken. Oscar Wilde said so, so it must be true.

Happy New Year to you all.


Talking About a Revolution and Other Songs

Tracy Chapman got me through most of my exam years at high school. Through the reams of Biology blackboard sides filled with formulas and notes that were written in order to help me attempt the o’grade exam I was dreading the most.  I cried, laughed and rejoiced along with Tracy as together we went through her song list from fast cars to getting tickets and knowing how to use them. She was the heroine in my tape-deck who’s soft caramel voice sent soothing vibes through the orange sponge of my head-phones straight into my teenage brain, calming the turbulence that rumbled within.

Fast forward thirty years and I still use the same method. I still listen to softly spoken but well thought-out words to help me when I write or when I study a subject I know I have to get right otherwise the whole premise of my book will be nonsense. I hope to pass this particular literary exam with flying colours as I like to think that I am older and wiser than I was back then. I intend to revise. I intend to take notes. I intend to pass.

A new year is just round the corner so instead of raising a glass while creating resolutions I know won’t be fulfilled, I raise a glass instead to the girl who sat at the back and didn’t put up her hand enough when it really mattered.

What’s for me, won’t pass me by if I just reach out and grab it.

The Road to NaNo

It’s that time of year when the National Novel Writing Month is upon me once again.

This will be my third year of trying. I’m not sure what I like about it the most – the target driven days of writing, the close-knit community of creatives urging me on or the sense of achievement when midnight strikes on the last day of the month and I’ve actually written something rather than procrastinating. I think it’s a bit of everything.

Writing 1,667 words every day for 30 days in a row is not an easy task. No matter how fast I type or how well planned-out my plot is, there is always something that happens to stall me. However, NaNo is what urges me on when the blank page becomes the size of the room and every word is paid with a drop of a blood to the Creative God of Vomit Drafts.

This year, I have opted to try something a bit different.

My own target.

I’m on Day 10 and my word count is erratic to say the least, it seems I manage a totally different amount each day. My aim, this year, is to write at least 250 words a day. That’s not a lot, I hear you cry.  Believe me, when I get home from work dealing with spreadsheets all day, the last thing I want to do is open the laptop up and start on another document. But, and it’s a huge but, that’s the beauty of being a writer, no matter how bad a day I’ve had or how busy the rugrats are, I want to write. I need to write. It’s part of my DNA. My genetic make-up has been created with nouns and verbs.

Most of the time I quadruple my daily count but on the days I manage 250 at least I can say I have achieved something. I think psychologically I am deluding myself as I will never reach the 50k target of the full NaNo but never say never – I don’t know what’s around the corner, for all I know it could be the deal I’ve been waiting for, the literary light at the end of the NaNo tunnel.

I’m not going to get there if I don’t have anything completed and ready to share.

There’s just the small matter of finishing this draft.

Maybe I should count the number of cuppas I have while doing this? I’m concerned they might outweigh the number of words and that would be very, very wrong. Maybe.

Do you take milk in your tea? Biscuit? Marvellous.

Let’s write.



What If What?

Me: OK, I think it’s ready.

Inner me: Are you sure?

Me: Well, I could maybe have another look just to be on the safe side.

Inner me: How many edits have you done? Done a line edit yet? Dialogue check, grammar, POV…?

Me: Eleventy billion on my last count, give or take.

Inner me: oh well, one more won’t hurt will it?

Me: No, I’m pressing send.

Inner me: You are? Right. Well, if you’re sure?

Me: No, of course I’m not sure. Do you think it’s ready? I mean you’re always telling me to go for it, so that’s what I’m doing. Going for it.

Inner me: Yes, of course. I’m just here to mess with your head. Don’t mind me.

Me: But what if…

Inner me: What if what?

Me: Nothing, There is no what if. It’s gone. I’ve pressed send. I feel a bit sick now.

Inner me: Go and lie down for a bit. I’ll annoy you with nonsense chatter in your brain while you rest. It’s the least I can do.

Me: *smiles with relief that the BBOD (Big Button of Destiny) has FINALLY been pressed, ignores ramblings of mind about the what ifs that could possibly happen now that it’s been sent*